As a full-service agency, we help crypto projects move faster.

Our agile team of experts will work with you to design, build, ship, market and scale your vision.

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Services that we offer

Charting a path through unknown territory isn't easy. That's where we come in.


We're here to help you perfect and execute your long-term plan, starting from the foundation you've already built.

Research & Development

We're here to help you research, prototype, test, build and iterate on your ideas so that they can come to life.

Marketing Analysis

We identify key areas to focus on to increase adoption and bring new users to your platform, backing all decisions with powerful data.

Full-Service Skillset

We rely on our in-house team of skilled engineers, designers and analysts. Whether it's a security audit, website, contract extension or an NFT collection, we're ready.

We work quickly, transparently and professionally

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24 hours

Contract ready to sign

1 week

We get to work

The minute the contract is signed

What we require from you

We're always on the lookout for promising projects, which means we don't just work with anybody. This is where you come in.

Unique projects

We do not work with clones or copies. We are looking to work with innovative and original thinkers ready to disrupt the status quo.

At least $1 million market cap

Whether through seed funding, pre-sales or public investors, we need to see proof from the market that you're ready to grow.

We are strictly KYC

We understand the volatile nature of crypto means aliases are often the norm, however we only work with clients who fully identify themselves to us.

You have a budget

We require a retainer and don't accept your own tokens as payment. We need to know you're serious, and refuse to negatively affect the projects we work on to get paid.

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Reach out to [email protected]